The entrance door of the formation tank is manually opened, and then the photoelectricity is used to control the cylinders of the patterned conveyor belt. Count 6 and control them individually. After the batteries are in place, the cylinders of the conveyor line will push the batteries into the formation lane and start the conveyor belt to run forward. 400mm, the conveyor belt stops, and the cylinder returns to the position at the same time. The pattern conveyor belt is an oblique conveyor belt composed of a covering rubber with a working surface and a covering rubber with a flat non-working surface and a belt core. There are "herringbone" patterns on the belt surface that are higher than the belt body.
The patterns can be open or closed. Each pattern can be divided into three types: high, medium and low. After the production of the endless flat belt is completed, due to the use of the environment or conditions, when the endless belt must be used, the flat belt is vulcanized to complete the trough. There is an acidity meter to monitor the pH of the tank water at any time, control the caustic soda solution into the tank, and ensure that the pH of the cooling water is neutral.
When the battery is formed, the tank is discharged: cooling water is released. Lift the formation tank exit door 3mm on the lower surface of the conveyor belt to ensure water lubrication. The patterned conveyor belt from should pay attention to the following matters in use:
① Avoid the rollers being covered by the material, causing the rotation to be ineffective, prevent the leakage of materials from being caught between the roller and the tape, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving parts, but not oil the conveyor belt; The load starts;
③ the conveyor belt deviates, conveyor belts company and measures are taken to correct it when it is applied;
④ localized damage to the artificial cotton is repaired when applied to avoid expansion. In the production process, the endless conveyor belt is made into a jointless endless conveyor belt. Its characteristics are that the belt core has no joints, and there is no impact on the service life due to early damage to the joint. Elongation is small.