Because it is a plastic product, it is necessary to keep it as dry as possible when not in use, and to avoid corrosion by acid and alkaline water, so as to better ensure the service life and performance of the plastic storage box.

Those who have this need can call our contact number for consultation, and look forward to your visit. Cleaning is very important. The cleaning effect is still very good. Scratch the surface of the plastic basin to make it uneven, making it easier to accumulate dirt.

When cleaning the plastic basin, first try to avoid the use of strong friction wiping products, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the surface; in addition, it should be noted that you cannot China rice bin use cloth or iron wire balls to wipe the surface of the utensils.Long-term use of plastic basins will leave some stains.   

Follow the above method to clean the products of plastic basin manufacturers. In order to ensure its use effect, there are many areas that we need to pay attention to in cleaning to ensure that the use of plastic basins can achieve the application effect.