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I am just nobody following the trend they have been leading others to. It seems I soon would become a trendsetter of the new season, in the bag fashion world, for example. Without any further doubt, I pick out one of moderate size with more fashion taste from my leather bag closet, and put on it to match my graceful new-bought purple dress and brown leather high heels.Out on the street, I start to wander about among throngs of people coming and going who of course find me standing out fashionably and gorgeously.Eventually the hot summer passes, the comfortable autumn arrives. You perhaps also find that in summer when people appear in the streets, they are either carrying on a big plastic bag around the arm or holding a small handbag in hand, or with none of bags at all. However, I never virtually expect them to retract their focus- it is so enjoyable when you are standing out in the public and shocking people with your fashionable dress-up.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I feel extraordinarily fantastic, perfect, as if all of fiery summer troubles had left me as the gone season. I really miss the comfort when I touch the soft leather, the grace it adds to me when I am carrying one, and the special joy it gives to me ever since I for the first time got one as a present from my dear grandma. An idea of choosing a leather bag strikes my mind. Heavy burdens could then be thrown away from our bags as well as the worries of feeling heat when touching the bag.When the hot weather starts to leave, people return to hang around in the streets. To my surprise, however, I never could be that guy, because most of people in the streets have already carried on their leather bags around the arm, or in the hand. I am not an exception. Dalicapkg acrylic cosmetic bottle are really better to storage cosmetics.
They are so moved by the beauty that they totally forget to withdraw their eyes back when I cast my eyes on them to warn them they have been staring at me. I am expecting the scene eyes of the public are attracted and gradually focusing on me.
Before leaving the door, I start to think about what kind of bags I should carry out this time. During the whole summer, owing to the unbearable heat and sunshine, I had to carry plastic bags that are big enough to hold my sunshade to protect me from sunburn, wet handkerchief to clean my sweaty body, cosmetics to refresh my make-up, the necessary keys, a wallet as well as the phone, and probably a bottle of iced water.