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Also provide satisfaction to user with high quality, competitive price, and good performance of product and delivery in time.The best results were obtained with S45C with heat-treatment. Always doing R. But consider of competitiveness, proper at small sizeRF-1 TypeRolling .That is, S45C (RF Type) is considered the best standard material.
They provide reliable core parts of transport equipment to customer and partners.. Get rid of cause of crack-risk at Boss's welding spot.FF TypeFull forgingNon-WeldingSmall sizeUsing raw forged material and Machine work FF model can make any shape of sheave which according customer's design. strengthLow costLonger life cycleStrong wear-resistanceReduction of weightShorter lead time (delivery)Reliability - hardness High FrequencyHRC 45-55 (surface)Depth 3-5mmMinimum 20 HRC (5mm)Compare of abrasion loss by materials The results of cast products show deep pressure scarring. Forging2 Welding spotHot ForgingNo crack-risk at Rim(No-welding)RF type of sheave is our company major production method.In same condition, Carbon-steel has an excellent abrasion resistance than Cast-iron; Case of carbon-steel, there is little variation at initial stage (Until 300,000 cycles)Are hydraulic test pump you looking for sheave, lifting and rigging equipment and crane drum brake supplier in Korea? Taeweon - Best sheave manufacturer in Korea. Using less welding spot compare with Tp type, it can be risk-reduction of crack defect at Rim parts.
Overview of Taeweon Sheave manufacturer in Korea SheaveTaeweon manufacture all Sheave according customer's requirements and JIS standard. We support our customer' business with competitive price and high quality. Guaranteed long term life of productsRF-2 TypeRolling and Forging2 Welding spotHot ForgingImprove loads capacityImproved welding skill of RF-1 type it can obtain more stable performance and load capacity, due to weld at among plate instead of Boss and plate. This method provides best competitive goods with high quality.TP TypeTwo Plate4 Welding spotRoll Forging(groove)Large sizeUsing Groove of forged material and two plates it can more disperse press which according to heavy loads.D works for improvement what customer's need. Proper using at Oil-field with large-sizesFeature High quality

Wholesale Pipeline/Hydraulic Testing Pump Manufacturers,Factory

Wholesale Pipeline/Hydraulic Testing Pump Manufacturers,Factory

As a China Hydraulic Testing Pumps Manufacturers and Pipeline Testing Pumps Factory,Ciwu Chaoneng Electrical Equipment offer wholesale Hydraulic Testing Pumps for sale