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The new indexes has based around the comprehensive logistics develop index that is beneficial to the government to analyze the regional logistics development differences, explore weak line of each region, and provide reference to the setting of logistics policy. Used regional logistic value added the ratio of total logistic cost to GDP and total logistic value, all of which are integrated indexes, are hard to reflect the specific situation of regional logistic development. Great amount of cellular crusher exportation in our organization demonstrates the high quality of our products. Address: Tanxiang Road High .
Logistics index refers to the systematicness evaluation index that composite of regional economic development station, logistics development foundation condition, and the environmental impact of logistics development. Overcome the malpractice of conventional statistical method according to integrated index of logistic development. Make use of the relative importance and score of each index of logistic development, set adjusting policies and investment key point by targeted. It is the necessary means of integrated diagnostics of logistics development and management of logistics industry, and also the important indicator in the certain region logistics develops degree.Large amount of cell crushing station Quarry Crusher occupies an awesome proportion inside the overseas exportation of our corporation, for years, the great selection with the overseas customers’ orders within our business made nearby logistics index rise sharply, Rapid Prototyping Machine and also improved the regional economy.
All data above can demonstrate that our products reliable. There are a lot of indexes related to logistics industry, while in the past, the index is unitary (logistics added value, the ratio of logistics all-in cost and GDP and logistics total quantity), which can not entirely represent the regional logistics develop situation. . According to our survey, 40% clients are old customers and 20% are introduced by old prospects. At present, the logistics index research of our country is in the initial stage, usually refers to the dates issued by CFLP and the logistics research center

Hs Series Rapid Prototyping Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers

Hs Series Rapid Prototyping Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers

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