Joints of PVC conveyor belts: Due to the special structure of the whole core belt, sj conveyor belt manufacturer he joints are not easy, so most of them adopt mechanical joint methods, that is, belt buckle joints.
However, in order to ensure the joint effect, the conveyor belts of level 8 or higher. Hot vulcanized joints have proven to be the most ideal joint method, which can ensure high joint efficiency, is also very stable, and has a long joint life, which is easy to grasp. However, there are disadvantages such as troublesome process, high cost and long joint time.
Joints for layered PVC conveyor belts: Joint methods such as mechanical joints, cold bonding heads, and thermal vulcanization joints can be used as required. Conveyor belt conveyors are widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and the transportation industry to transport various solid block and powder materials or pieces.
It is safe, the conveyor belt is easy to use, easy to maintain, the freight is low, and it can shorten the transportation distance, reduce the engineering cost, and save manpower and material resources. Generally, cold bonding heads and hot vulcanized joints adopt stepped structure joints.