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The flowers come out dry and flat. We can take pictures of the flowers but that isn't as good as the real thing, is it? Some of us resort to the old practice of putting flowers between the pages of thick and heavy books to preserve them. Using sublimation, the moisture in the flowers is completely removed. A technology called freeze-drying can preserve your flowers exactly the way they look like for very long periods of time. Well, wish no more! We live in the 21st century when technology solves almost anything.
After the process, a polymer coating is applied on the flowers in order to prevent shattering and to stop moisture from being absorbed in the tissues again. It would definitely be worth the price. We receive a dozen red roses that say I Love You, a stunning bouquet on our wedding, gifts for our anniversaries birthdays, graduations---the list is endless. Electromagnetic radiation is applied on the flowers so that the water in its tissues will not evaporate.Flowers symbolize the most important events in our lives. The technology might be expensive, but the results are rewarding. However, freeze-drying is the only way to keep your flowers exactly how they look like for a long time. If the colors of the blooms fade, they can be painted back on. Of course, we want to preserve happy memories forever, if possible.
This way, the tissues won't shrink, preserving the exact appearance of the flowers. . Freeze-drying Cream Boxes manufacturers is said to have first originated from the Indians living in the Andes Mountain is the 1700's. In tropical countries such as the Philippines, freeze-dried flowers require high maintenance because of the tropical climate when the moisture content can reach up to 99%. Imagine seeing your wedding bouquet everyday and remembering that heart-stopping moment when you said I Do. Now, there's no need to settle for dry, brittle flowers kept between the pages of a book or dried in the sun.The freeze-drying process makes use of a freeze-drying machine for flowers. The pressure in the chamber is reduced by creating a vacuum wherein the boiling point of water is below its freezing point.Freeze-drying is the most expensive way to preserve flowers. While this is better than nothing, we can't help but wish that flowers don't wilt and decay so that we can keep them forever as mementos of that special time in our lives. Back then, it was a procedure simply known as sublimation, or the conversion of liquid in a frozen state directly to a gaseous one. Its modern version, however, was introduced in 1813 by William Hyde Wallaston to the Royal Society in London