How to fireproof container house safely

Fire-resistant container houses have been used for a long time and need to be cleaned for our health. Because of the special nature of the container house, when we clean it, we cannot use the usual cleaning methods. We need special cleaning methods. How can these methods be safely cleaned? Zhongnan Steel Structure offer a better solution. They are at .

Suitable for container house cleaning methods: steam cleaning method, chemical cleaning, manual, mechanical cleaning methods.

The steam cleaning method uses high temperature degreasing or disinfection, so we should pay attention to the protection against high temperature damage during the operation. The tools and equipment and hoses used by the operators meet the relevant requirements; the labor protection supplies used in operation comply with the boiler industrial labor protection supplies use specifications; the operating range is separated by isolation belts to prevent other people from inside, and warning signs are posted. Steam cleaning generally does not damage the container box, but it may cause valve seals to leak due to thermal expansion and contraction and compression stress.

Chemical cleaning is the cleaning of epoxy resin, epichlorohydrin and other goods. The cleaning site must be adequately lit and the road clear. The power supply and lighting power are separated, and the power control board is set far away from the cleaning system, but it is easy to operate. Prepare necessary first-aid medicines and labor protection supplies. First aid medicines are generally as follows: 2 to 3% sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate solution; saturated lime water; 1 to 2% boric acid aqueous solution; 1 to 2% acetic acid or hydrochloric acid aqueous solution; distilled water and the like. Labor protection supplies are: rubber gloves, aprons; eye protection; work clothes; towels; cotton wool; eye-washing appliances. Open flames (such as welding, smoking, heating, etc.) must not be used at the chemical cleaning site. To prevent fire and other accidents.

Manual and mechanical cleaning methods for cleaning containers require workers to enter the containers and use tools or equipment to clean the containers manually. The choice of manual and mechanical cleaning must determine the degree of harm to the staff of the cargo contained in the container, and whether it can be avoided through protective measures, otherwise manual and mechanical cleaning methods are strictly prohibited.

1. The horizontal connection of cotton and cotton is connected by a stapler binding method on the veneer flash.

2. Edge the glass wool and install the wall color steel plate;

3. Cut the glass wool roll felt 20 centimeters above the wall top purlin and fix it with double-sided tape.

4. The veneer faces the side of the room, unrolls it from the eaves to the corner, and fixes the glass roll felt to the bottom purlin with double-sided tape, leaving an extra 20 cm.

Having said that, the editor reminded that the container house should also be based on the needs of the project during construction. In order to avoid the occurrence of cold bridges, roof construction may consider padding some hard insulation materials. During installation, keep the glass wool roll felt tight, aligned, and the seams between rolls are tight. When overlap is required in the longitudinal direction, the overlap should be arranged at the purlin.