Recently, an air-conditioning worker in Los Angeles stepped on the air while working, and fell directly from the 8th floor. Fortunately, there was a high-altitude safety rope to save the workers' lives. At present, the workers have been admitted to the hospital for various examinations and treatments. Working at heights is a high-risk occupation. In particular, air-conditioning workers often need to install air conditioners on the upper floors. Therefore, the necessary protective measures for safety ropes can really save lives in times of crisis. Purchase from for safety rope is always done by my construction company.

When installing air conditioners, air-conditioning workers must fasten the safety ropes to avoid safety accidents. The high-altitude safety rope needs to be carefully checked before use. If there is any damage, opening, etc., it can not be used continuously; be careful not to knot, the rope to avoid rubbing on sharp objects, not close to the fire source, to ensure safe operation Working at heights.

Air-conditioning installation is a high-risk occupation. Air-conditioning workers must fasten the high-altitude safety rope before operation to avoid accidents and ensure safe aerial work. Safety hooks are also required safety equipment

Safety hooks are the most commonly used connecting tools for connecting ropes, slings and anchors, and equipment. It is easy to operate and easy to carry. It is widely used in fire protection, engineering, electric power, bridges and other fields for lifting operations. It is an important equipment accessory.

The safety hook should be inspected before use. If damage occurs, stop the operation and replace the new product. After the safety hook is used, it should be cleaned, protected with rust inhibitor and stored in a special container. Place it in a dry, ventilated place to avoid rust or damage.