Because manufacturers should pay attention to the internal management of the factory, from design to production to shipment, there are many links, and delays in each link will lead to the final delivery delay. Therefore, the factory should be equipped with sufficient productivity in each part, and the management should be carried out in strict accordance with the rules and regulations, so as to ensure the smooth production of packaging. Customers and manufacturers actively cooperate to ensure on-time delivery

Finally, problems occur in the production process, and the factory and customers should work together to solve the problem.

No matter which factory, you can't completely avoid the problem of cosmetic packaging in the production process, so occasionally it will not be able to ship on time, but how to solve these problems, manufacturers and customers should pay attention to it. In general, there are two reasons for production problems:

1, production reasons: For example, raw materials are not in place, product quality problems.

2. Objective reasons: non-human power outages, government fire safety inspections, etc.

The above two situations are unavoidable and controllable by the manufacturer. At this time, the customer is expected to be more considerate and re-appoint the delivery period after deducting the delivery due to the delay. The manufacturer shall produce it in time to ensure that the second promise can be shipped on time during the delivery period.

When a customer requests to design a new product, the designer must not only understand the customer's requirements, but also combine the relevant cosmetic knowledge to design a practical cosmetic packaging. Because there are many types of cosmetics, each one has different functions. Designing product packaging is not just the appearance, but also the function and concept of the product. Therefore, the following cosmetic knowledge is a must for all cosmetic designers.
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