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It is really fun decorating your aquarium with colorful replicas of building and ancient artifacts. Creating wonderful themes is what I have dedicated a good part of my adult life doing and I still enjoy it to is day. But there might come a time when all you want is something natural, what you desire is a design that replicates the natural environment from where the fish came from and bring that environment into the comforts of your own home.

One of the best ways to create an all natural scene is to use driftwood. Driftwood is basically wood that has been soaking in the sea or river and through the weathering of nature has been crafted into smooth, unique pieces that looks artistic.

You can actually find driftwood yourself, especially if you live close to a natural body of water. If you don't, there is always the option of buying them from a pet store or online. The beauty of using driftwood is that they look gorgeous in a fish tank. No matter how well we humans endeavor to create works of art, nothing beats the ability of Mother Earth in producing artworks that stand out better than anything we could ever do. These driftwood can be matched with numerous other fish tank decoration to create a theme that is unique because no two pieces of wood are ever alike.

Buying Driftwood From A Store

Real wood ones are either naturally harvested from some river somewhere or they are man made. By man made, I mean that they take branches and stumps from a forest and through a process of soaking them and treating them, create driftwood themselves. Among the most famous types of natural driftwood are the ones that come from Malaysia where I live now. These are either harvested from a mangrove forest or washed up on a beach and have been treated by nature, so they will ensure for a very long time.