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Decorating your home can be fun and enjoyable. Designing your home to show off your tastes, style and decorating skill is a wonderful way to make your home a relaxing retreat. While it is fun to decorate your home, many consumers are now looking for ways to make their home a decor greener and eco-friendly. Selecting decorative items and furniture that are made from environmentally friendly products, recycled materials and materials that cause less of a carbon foot print on our planet is easier today than ever before since demand for these products continues to grow. An easy way to incorporate environmentally friendly furniture into your design is to purchase mango wood furniture.

Mango wood is harvested from quick growing mango trees and is a terrific renewable/fast restocking resource for furniture making. The growth rate of mango trees allows wood harvesters to supply mango wood to manufactures without the harmful environmental impact of over harvesting slow growth woods such as oak, poplar, cherry or maple. Wood from Mango trees is available in differing shades of brown ranging from light to dark and some pieces even have traces of pink within their natural striation. Resembling tiger wood, mango wood is a beautiful wood that enhances the beauty of the pieces made with it. Mango wood is soft enough to be worked easily but is hard enough to be used in almost all furniture making applications. A mango wood table will withstand years of use and will hold up beautifully for many years making it a smart investment both financially and environmentally speaking.