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Building panels can be tricky, especially if you have no experience. That is why it is crucial to start out right, with a thorough DIY solar panel manual. There are a lot of manuals and guides online to choose from, and some are definitely better than others. You want a guide that has a complete DIY solar panel system manual, a parts list, a money-back guarantee, and training videos. Some offer other bonuses as well, like how to build a windmill or make biodiesel, but you may or may not care about those.

Of course, if you have experience constructing panels or know someone who does, I would not worry about buying a guide. However, if you do plan to purchase a guide, I would check out Green DIY Energy; I have reviewed many DIY guides and Green DIY Energy is my top choice. Earth 4 Energy and Power 4 Home are also good choices.

I like Green DIY Energy the most because it is the most thorough guide, in my opinion. You get access to manuals for constructing a solar power system and a windmill system, a complete parts list, and two hours of "how-to" training videos on the more technical aspects of creating your solar panels.

Another thing I liked was the step-by-step example the Green DIY people gave about how they created a solar panel system for $98. They did that by using used parts or broken parts which needed a little bit of repair work before being implemented into their system. However, if you don't want to go through that extra work, you can expect to spend a little under $200 buying the needed parts (all new parts) for your DIY solar power system, which is still really cheap.