To master the correct method of use, in addition to the above-mentioned measures to select the best start-up time, it must also be used flexibly depending on the location, season, and weather. Before installation: Before installation, determine the installation position of the aerator, and prepare the piles and ropes.In addition to directly supplying oxygen to the water to meet the needs, the most important thing is to store a large amount of oxygen to ensure night needs.

Clean up all weeds and other entangled items within the scope of the pile.5-1 meters away from the water surface. At the same time, the water directly passes through the motor and the reducer when it erupts upwards, so that the motor and the reducer can work for a long time without heating under the cooling of the water, which eliminates the common problems of heating, current increase, and burnout caused by the motor for a long time. However, many fish farms and users lack scientificity in using pond aerators, which will directly affect the use of aerators. This is the best time for light throughout the day.

At this time, the metabolism of the fish is strong, and the oxygen consumption increases. . And can operate normally under the ultra-low voltage of 300-350 watts. The wiring part must not be submerged in the water to prevent electric shock caused by water leakage in the wire joints. The aeration surge aerator is the latest product in aquaculture aeration equipment at present, and the biggest advantage of its design is power saving. It is better to be 10-15 cm from the water surface.

Turn on before dawn At this time, the air pressure is low, fish and various animals and plants have consumed oxygen overnight, and the dissolved oxygen in the pool can be quickly restored to more than 4 milligrams after turning on for 1-2 hours. The principle of aeration is different from the impeller type and the waterwheel type. Line connection The lead wire of the motor is connected to the cable and bound with waterproof tape.