I guess people just use fairy rings less on RS3 compared to OSRS also Cover Image
I guess people just use fairy rings less on RS3 compared to OSRS also
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  • Prayer & Summoning could be revived quickly in Essence's Guthix Memorial Pile right next to the Falador Lodestone, and most of banks revive health near-instantly. Both accurate facts, the thing for OSRS is I get in the custom of this one-stop pit stop for slayer/bossing/skilling etc. at the POH. Tele into POH, one click pool, so on and one click tele to bank.

    Could not agree, but in the exact same time when I am grinding hundreds of medium clues searching for ranger boots its nice. Granted, RS3 desperately needs a search, but it does have 8 favorite/bookmark slots for oft-used fairy circles, and they teleport immediately, without waiting for the dials to spin to their proper position. If there's 8 or even fewer that you use this solves a different matter. Yeah, in general I guess people just use fairy rings less on RS3 compared to OSRS also, because lodestones have good coverage, and operate energy is not an issue. In OSRS I utilize all of the time to weird ones for clues, so it is actually nice there.

    RS3 does possess this on various objects. All the mobile channels, by way of example, possess a right-click Configure alternative that allows you pick the alternative that is left-click. Bonfires do. True, this might be a bit of a weird one, since it will help with things that you may not do so far on RS3 like using each bone individually on an altar as fast as you can, and likewise RS3 has it for items that you don't do on OSRS, such as bonfires and portables which don't exist in OSRS. All of teleport methods are observable on the entire map (not just lodestones). I should explain, you can't use the teleports it tells you what they are. Theres a picture of a matches necklace at burthorpe such as. It is actually comprehensive though for getting to hard to reach places for clues, and its fine.

    Totally gotcha! I understand now that my comment comes across a little debate-y; It wasn't my intention. It seemed like you were missing some options therefore I wanted to fill them in. Though, there's some QoL stuff that OSRS does a lot better compared to RS3, You're right! I LOVE that the OSRS PoH.

    Totally valid!! I think this specific comparison is a little unfair, as on OSRS it's not a Jagex thing it's a third-party-client thing, which means it is not, strictly speaking, an OSRS thing haha, but, nitpicking! Fairy rings are the Lodestone Network of OSRS... or at least, as close a thing as exists! I gotcha! I play with OSRS as well, just haven't employed the World Map and didn't know/remember this was a characteristic, but I peeked at it. This would be much more useful on RS3; I think than random ones, and loads more OSRS unlocked through random 32, there's a great deal teleports on RS3. It is hard to recall all of them or keep them all in line on your head. It'd be incredible on RS3.

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